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Opportunities identified, procurement simplified and transformation accelerated. That’s the Softcat way.

As an AWS Consulting Partner, we are your expert guide to AWS Marketplace. We deliver a curated catalogue of more than 8,000 cloud technologies alongside an in-house team of technology specialists, top tier vendor accreditations and an extensive partner network. We’ve even devised a range of our own bespoke professional services that are also available through AWS Marketplace to improve your cloud experience.

That means we’re always able to work out the best way to solve your problem or meet your objectives.

Achieve better cloud outcomes

Faster. Smarter. Simpler.

Watch our video to understand why Softcat, an authorised CPPO Partner, can help you leverage AWS Marketplace benefits.

Consulting Partner Private Offers (CPPO)

Benefit from the combination of seamless procurement, tailored licence terms and Softcat expertise. The AWS Marketplace CPPO Program enables you to purchase software solutions through the AWS Marketplace.

Plus, you’ll get access to special discounts, reducing your costs as well as saving you time.

Moving forward just got easier

AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalogue service that simplifies software discovery, procurement, provisioning, and management. It’s designed to speed up product evaluation, improve governance and cost transparency, as well as enhancing your control over software spend.

But so much choice can be overwhelming.

Our experience in procuring cloud products will help you find, test, buy and deploy software, then consolidate everything – even solutions from multiple vendors – onto one single bill.






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Security is a balancing act for every IT manager. You need to manage board-level expectations, protecting your organisation while creating infrastructure efficiencies. Despite the challenges, it is possible to optimise existing investments while prioritising what’s important to the company.. Drawing on our knowledge and long-standing partnerships with leading security providers, we’ll identify the scalable solutions that will improve your security position. Begin your journey by selecting a partner below.

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Migrating to the cloud can help you better manage your data and secure more uptime. There’s a wide range of hybrid cloud storage and back-up options waiting for you on AWS Marketplace, but do you know which will provide the highest security, accessibility and cost-efficiency? We’ll work with you to find the right home for your data. Begin your journey by selecting a partner below.

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Understanding your data helps you make more informed decisions. Achieve this by implementing AWS Marketplace ISV solutions while looking to Softcat to interpret and action the results. We’ll find the solutions that will unlock all the potential hidden within your data. Begin your journey by selecting a partner below.

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Why Softcat?

At Softcat, we design our services to support your success. Whatever it takes, we help you achieve better outcomes with our comprehensive portfolio, delivered within a customer journey framework that covers all the bases. From discovery and solution design, to deployment and support, you can count on our expertise.

That’s why we’re a multi-award-winning service provider to over 4,000 UK IT organisations, achieving number one AWS partner status in the UK and EMEA. We’re also part of the global CPPO program and an AWS Marketplace skilled Consulting Partner.

If you’re looking for a reliable, dedicated, high quality partner network to elevate your cloud position, then look no further.

Softcat Services

We always find the optimum route to solving your problems or meeting your objectives. And we’ve even devised a range of our own bespoke professional services to help you move, manage, monitor and licence your cloud experience.

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